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BuyBack & Trade-In

Increase your business revenue and profits with our BuyBack and Trade-In module software for all mobile devices.

Automate the whole process and get the best value comparison for your devices from the top mobile phone recyclers in the UK. Instant price offerings, you can compare all prices from buyback companies, B2B, and consumer retail selling prices from the main marketplaces.

Our software provides standardised grading 'like for like' for both buyback and retail, showing exact margins for each device, ensuring you buy right and maximise sales margins. Save time by not having to constantly check multiple sites and vendors for the current pricing in this fast- paced market.

All models for Apple, Samsung, Huawei, Google, and other major mobile phone manufacturers are covered. With integrated diagnostic and data erasure software, you can be sure that the device is tested (and priced correctly), fully functional, and wiped ready for retail.

Manage real-time pricing, grading, data and inventory management with 'My Devices' and additional device status, and ‘add to stock’ all in one solution.

If you're offering this solution on behalf of one of your clients, this essential pricing tool will ensure you are achieving the best returns for them, making your job easier and more efficient.

DEVICE 360 - Diagnostics

Integrated mobile phone testing and management platform, featuring BlackBelt, one of the best test and wipe tools on the market.

Thorough testing, say goodbye to manual checks and hello to thorough and consistent software diagnostic testing.

Keep track of your devices' repair history and detect any non-OEM replacement parts, essential for valuing buyback stocks and ensuring top-quality product sales.

With precise and detailed testing, you can expect higher standards and fewer returns, resulting in happier customers and improved online feedback and ratings.

Quicker device "touch time" helps reduce processing costs, while barcode scanning ensures 100% accurate device information every time, minimising manual error.

Device 360
Adisa Product Claims Test

DEVICE 360 - Data Wiping

Offer a professional data wiping service for customers and B2B clients, with a full audit trail and evidence provided for peace of mind.

Ensure all devices that you are selling have no previous user data, images or apps on them. Complying with legal and customer requirements.

Existing BlackBelt customers can easily integrate within seconds, without changing their setup or processes. All reports are sent direct in real-time to our portal.

DEVICE 360 - IMEI Digital Services

As an official GSMA service provider and reseller for IMEI blacklist checking, you can rest assured knowing your devices are not reported as lost, stolen or barred and minimise potential losses or handling stolen goods.

Our IMEI digital checks, get full information on any device, including colour, capacity, network, warranty status, and more, to help filter batches and maximise values of certain devices.

With hundreds of digital info check services and unlocking solutions with global network operators you'll benefit from great pricing along with fast and reliable services at the click of a button.

Device 360


Streamline Your Inventory Management with our Stock Room Solution!

  • Our all-in-one platform offers convenient inventory management, complete with detailed reports, integrated digital services, certificates, checks, testing, wiping, grading, pricing, and label printing.
  • Get instant device information by simply scanning the barcode for 100% accuracy every time. Export stock lists, using the built-in pricing tool.
  • Manage batches of devices, keeping track of weekly, monthly, or specific batch activities.
  • Full traceability by batch and individual units, including purchase price, processing costs, and final sales price, all in one place.
  • Detailed column fields give you information on IMEI, model, colour, capacity, warranty, and more. Label each device with our barcode scanning and label printing solution.
  • Our full warehouse and inventory control system allows you to search for devices by IMEI, model, grade, status, and more. Keep track of costs and margins with our inventory management and audit system.
  • Our software, coded with various algorithms, queries, and rules, will determine the best processing step based on LCD, cosmetic, and overall grading.
  • Choose from different device statuses such as Swap LCD, Swap Battery, Full Refurb, Level 2 Engineering, and more to make the most profitable decisions for your devices.
  • Enjoy the flexibility to bulk change devices and statuses based on client requirements, parts availability, or engineering capacity.

Retailer Plus

Get the maximum value for your mobile device screens with Device Network. As one of the leading LCD recyclers, we pay competitive market prices for all original mobile and tablet LCD screens from repairs and refurbishment projects.

With over 10 years of experience in LCD buyback recycling services, you can trust us for honest and fair reporting with fast payments guaranteed within the next working day following your invoice.

Our friendly customer service team are always available to help with any questions or needs. And we handle the hassle of shipping with our free DHL collection service, so contact us today for the best value and service for your used LCD screens.

Strengthening your business: A3 shop window poster promoting all services you offer and winning more passing business. Near-field communication (NFC) business cards to tap and instantly display your contact details.

Professionally designed webpage for you to share and update via our B2B portal. Premium and verified listing in our mobile phone repair directory.

Connecting with your customers: Direct consumer enquiries for repairs, upgrades, and sales. Update additional numbers and email addresses from the portal with ease. Postcode search to win more business in your local area and increase the number of people visiting your store.

Dealer Pro verified clients will benefit from discount rates and prices on our products and services, along with exclusive offers. Enjoy our Loyalty Rewards program with points and digital assets.

Retailer Plus
Repair Centre Pro

Repair Centre Pro

  • Create repair tickets, schedule tasks for engineers and other team members.
  • Multiple users, ability to create and manage user roles, access and permissions.
  • Manage all your customer information, contact details, repair and device history.
  • Easily manage all repair jobs, status updates and track all user logs.
  • Integrated diagnostics and data wipe software allowing PDF certificates for your clients.
  • Confirmation, proof of repair and functionality for warranty and customer peace of mind.
  • Manage all types of repairs from retail, trade, warranty and insurance.
  • Device management and detailed export reports in Excel and PDF format accessible 24/7.


By offering mobile phone insurance as an added option with each device purchase, you can boost your profits and provide peace of mind to your customers.

This service enhances your margins while giving your customers added value and protection for their investment.

A mobile phone insurance policy covers accidental damage, theft, and loss, ensuring that you and your customers won't be hit with unexpected repair or replacement costs.

Many policies also offer benefits like worldwide coverage, 24/7 customer support, and fast and easy repairs or replacements.

They can avoid the high costs of repairing or replacing a damaged or lost device and enjoy the convenience of comprehensive coverage.

Make it easy for your customers to protect their device with just a few clicks. Act as their trusted advisor and offer insurance options that fit their needs and budget.

Network Connections

Network Connections

Unlock more possibilities and enhance your device sales with Network Connections and Contracts.

When you sell a device, offer your clients the ultimate convenience by including network connections and contracts from the leading UK network operators.

Discover your client's requirements and present the ideal contract terms, contract length, tariff rates, calls, texts, data allowances, and roaming options that cater to their needs.

Offer even better rates than their current deals for individuals and businesses or provide the option for a sim-only deal for their secondary device, whether for personal or business use.

These commissions and rewards will help offset the cost of your clients' used device purchase and bring extra margins for you.

CRM (Customer Relationship Management)

CRM software is vital for businesses seeking to enhance their customer interactions, boost growth, and streamline operations. It offers advantages such as enhanced customer insights, heightened sales, elevated customer satisfaction, optimised collaboration, improved efficiency, and efficient data management.

Manage all your trade and retail customers from one portal and under specific categories such as business sectors, activities, size or brands. Our CRM will enable you to manage all your clients, and their device inventory so you can plan and forecast; repairs, network connections, buyback and upgrades.


Marketplace B2B & B2C

  • Device Network is revolutionising the mobile phone recycling and resale industry.
  • Our goal is to make the process of buying and selling used and refurbished devices as seamless as possible, giving more devices a second life.
  • In the UK alone, there are potentially 30 million unused mobile devices worth over £3 billion just gathering dust in drawers.
  • On a global scale, the impact is massive. Discarded mobile phones pose a significant threat to the environment as they contain hazardous materials and contribute to electronic waste, which can harm wildlife and ecosystems.
  • Our marketplaces offer a one-of-a-kind solution with a complete 360-degree software platform for companies to easily process, buy and sell used devices.
  • Every device that's listed in one of our Marketplaces would have completed and passed diagnostic and data erasure report attached to it for the consumer.
  • We're simplifying the process chain and filling a gap in the market unlike any other marketplace, and at point of purchase the consumer can also trade in their old device, completing the circular economy.

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